13th June ’17: What colour IS it?

Happy Tuesday, people.
What do you remember about your first day at work? My abiding memory will always be turning up in odd shoes. I stood waiting for a bus to the newspaper offices and looked down at my feet, only to discover I’d selected one black and one navy loafer. In the scant morning light of my bedroom they’d looked the same but now their differentness was blindingly obvious. I went straight to work (rather than be late on my first day) and fessed up. Apart from on that excruciating day, one of my favourite colour features is colours that almost evade description and look different each time you look at them. Blackened by @farrowandball is one such colour (is it lilac, grey, blue or the palest indigo? I had it in my bedroom for years and I still haven’t decided). @paintandpaperlibrary Wattle V has a similar chameleon-like quality (green or grey?), as does Neo-Classical 7 by @crownpaintsuk (pink, mauve or even a warm taupe?) and Smithfield by @mylands_london (grey, pink or even mushroom?). I could go on. For a colour-geek like me, being constantly kept on my toes by a colour is such SPORT! I recently saw this @needleandthreadlondon tulle meadow gown in @libertylondon (top left) and and had a similar ‘What’s the colour?’ experience. Likewise with this @kaleidoscope_uk woven plastic outdoor pouffe which I’m reassured is also lilac but, again, does a great impersonation of grey. What do you think of chameleon colours? Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Martha, The Colour File x

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