15th June ’17: Orange & blue super-duo

Hi from Thursday, folks 🍊💙🦁👕👘👖
Painter Van Gogh once said: “There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” I couldn’t agree more. Opposite and complimentary to each other on the colour wheel, blue and orange are like a pair of gutsy superheroes joining forces to make the world a bolder and brighter place. I’ve been ‘feeling’ this pull towards blue and orange for a while after spotting this hat in a Crouch End charity shop and a floral dress bundled on a boot sale trestle table some months ago, as well as some super-stylish pics of @victoriabeckham and @anyahindmarch (see bottom right) doing the blue and orange thing so well. So, armed with these ringing endorsements for blue and orange, I thought I’d try it for myself (top left, with my current favourites: my starry night #loveyourhandles @cathkidston_ltd strap and @mavalauk Cyclades Blue nails). In the world of colour, opposites, I think, most definitely attract. Have a great day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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