17th June ’17: Creating colour memories

Happy Saturday, guys ❤️🍊🍋🌵👖👾💅🏻
When I was growing up, we had a lodger called Denise. She was tall and willowy (I suspect she was a model) and I was in awe of her. When I was no more than three, she took me in my pushchair to the @officialbiba shop in High Street Kensington where she said I could choose a bottle of nail varnish as a treat. I finally opted for canary yellow – just like the one on this colour card (bottom right). My life is punctuated with colour memories, many just fleeting moments that are minutes or even seconds long, and yet they stick. And, as is the case with life, new colour memories are being made all the time, whether I’m colour-finding for The Colour File (see top and bottom left, from @harveynicholsyesterday) or meeting new people (this gorgeous cushion belongs to my new neighbour @morganpgeorge). What’s the most recent addition to your colour ‘memory bank’? I’d love to know. Catch you later.

Martha, The Colour File x

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