16th June ’17: Regal violet

Happy Friday, folks ☂️☂️☂️
When I was five, I was racing my cousin down a country lane when I tripped and landed on my forehead. I clearly remember two things: 1) she carried on running and declared she’d won (much to my consternation: we were VERY competitive); and 2) I went round with a purple forehead for weeks after gentian violet was put on the wound. Although gentian or ‘crystal violet’ is no longer the go-to antiseptic of choice, there really is no better topical medicine for a colour freak. Violet as a colour has been popular for millennia. Cavemen daubed their walls violet in the form of a manganese paste, and if you were a big cheese in the Roman or Byzantine times you got to flounce around in violet robes. Now, thank goodness, you can wear it regardless of who you are, from humble bobble hat through to this scrumptious @gucci dress (photographed by @indigitalnow). Love it. Anyway, am off hunting for multicolours, as I know how much you enjoy them. Leave it with me…

Martha, The Colour File x

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