7th June ’17: Get ready for peach

Happy Wednesday, lovely people 🍑🍑🍑
I mentioned peach in The Colour File back in April, mainly in relation to my teenage dislike of it (WAAAY too much of it around in the 80s) and my recent, unexpected slow-burn love affair with it. Apparently, peach as a colour was first documented in the Elizabethan era (along with ‘puke’ and ‘goose-turd yellow’). The Elizabethans were super-strict about who could wear what colours, as dictated by so-called Sumptuary Laws, designed to maintain social structure, so personal preference played little part. People in that era no doubt had greater things to worry about than the colour of their garb (like simply staying alive beyond the age of 42) but I have to say, were I alive then, I would have been a dissenter had my colours been dictated to me by law. Either that or I’d have run away to join an acting troupe (the Queen allowed actors to wear whatever colours they needed to). Heaven forbid that I’d ever tolerate wearing turd-coloured clothes when violet was up for grabs. Even the notion…Anyway, back to peach, my new-found crush. @houseofholland are a little bit in love with it, too (see top right), and I’m happy to see it popping up in more shops as time goes by. Not sure? You’ll come round to it – you have until SS18. Have a great day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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