19th June ’17: Cooling sea foam

Welcome to a new week, my colourful friends 👕👗👕👗
You cannot fail to have noticed how sweltering it is so here is a powder blue and sea foam offering to cool you down (assuming you don’t have a pool or even a humble fan). As it was Father’s Day yesterday, I’ve been indulging in a bit of nostalgia. Like most kids, I loved colouring-in but when I went to my dad’s house, being a university lecturer he only ever had overhead projector pens in red, navy blue, forest green and black. I was forever asking if he had a flesh-coloured one for faces, and pale blue and yellow ones for massive, sunny skies. One day when I visited, he’d bought a set of pencils in every colour my heart desired. That was a very good day indeed. I still get a thrill of excitement when I see a full deck of coloured pencils, as I did when Maria, a sales assistant at @harveynichols showed me these pencils from the #karlbox, a #karllagerfeld #fabercastell collaboration (we were both in awe). Imagine the skies you could colour in with THESE? Anyway, keep cool, folks, and I’ll see you on the other side.
Martha, The Colour File x

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