1st July ’17: Feathered friends (& foes)

Hello from Saturday at the Colour File HQ.
Last night I was at a party where someone asked me how long it takes me to write each blog. I’ve worked with a news or commissioning editor breathing down my neck for many a year – “I need the copy NOW!!!” – and have also learned not to be scared of a blank page so the answer is ‘Not that long’. Also, as we know, when we love doing something, it isn’t a chore but a pleasure, a privilege even. Getting the pictures together for The Colour File and writing the words excites me and, as such, I find it happens almost automatically. Colour dictates, I merely follow. So, back to business – I know how much you love green (you’ve been hanging out with me too much, I fear). I snapped the feathers at @vvrouleaux (it’s kind of like the mothership for me) and it made me think of two things – firstly, a childhood friend whose budgie said her address (‘330 Lillie Road’) and sat on your head and nibbled your eyebrows; and secondly, being knocked over by a cross Canada goose after my mum insisted I stand next to it for a photograph (I still don’t trust them). I’m off hunting for colour today and am already beyond excited at what I know I’ll find. Looking forward to sharing it with you. Catch you later.
Martha, The Colour File x 

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