21st June ’17: Daddy Pig’s my hero

Happy Wednesday, peeps ☀️🍊❤️
As a mum, it’s fairly inevitable that I have a favourite #peppapig episode. It’s the one where Daddy Pig goes to the school jumble sale and buys back his old armchair that Mummy Pig gave away. When we were kids, my brother loved comics and when our mum had an extensive stealth chuck-out, he did a Daddy Pig when he realised and bought them all back. Whilst I never saw the appeal of the stories in his beloved #2000AD, I appreciated the colourful graphics. I spotted this fabulous ‘Comics’ glass panel (from a pinball machine, maybe?) in France two years ago. Sadly, luggage restrictions meant it was destined to be bought by someone else, but isn’t it cool?! Maybe next time…Have a great day and I’ll catch you tomorrow.
Martha, The Colour File x

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