22nd June ’17: Sunny Rome, anyone?…

Hello from Thursday, lovely colour chums💛☀️🌼😉
When I was 16, five school friends and I went Interrailing for a month after our O Levels, during which time we watched shooting stars from a Greek hillside, got moved on by police as we snoozed outside Nice station (what were we thinking?) and dared each other to sniff our espadrilles in a ‘whose feet smell the worst’ contest (and after a month they were pretty bad…). I still marvel at the bravery of our parents for permitting us our adolescent freedom. We also visited Rome for a whistle-stop three hours and, to this day, I have vowed to return with less haste and more passion. This @louisvuitton guide @theconranshoplondon reminded me of that. Fancy it? I’d be sure to wear this happy @bellemodelle14 scarf at the airport so you couldn’t miss me 😄Catch you later.

Martha, The Colour File x

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