27th June ’17: In praise of vinyl

Hello from Tuesday, Colour peeps ❤️🦋🌼🦋💚🦋
Not long ago I went to a brilliant gig (@lomoon – Look them up) and bought vinyl (swipe for pic). ‘And?’ I hear you say? AND I don’t even own a record player anymore (it’s on my to-do list, after fixing my leaky roof). I’m one of those people who complainingly fought the demise of vinyl and bought it until it became untenable, and I’ve been celebrating its meteoric reascendance in the past few years. I’m so drawn to vinyl covers (as well as their spines, like these belonging to a friend), hence the recent (kind of pointless) purchase. They are things of great beauty, especially those by Vaughan Oliver @4ad like Belly and Throwing Muses. I might not be able to listen to them right now but that doesn’t stop me stroking them (yes, really), especially the green foil inner sleeve of The Breeders’ ‘Cannonball’. Deliciously strokable. I’m sure it’ll make an appearance on The Colour File shortly. Have a tip-top day and I’ll catch you soon.

Martha, The Colour File x 



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