28th June ’17: Madonna blue

Happy Wednesday, colour peeps.
My second-in-command recently played Peter Pan in his school performance. A proud mum moment, for sure 💕 👏đŸģ👏đŸģI remember being picked to play Mary in my primary school nativity, aged seven, and being beyond excited, mainly at the prospect of wearing blue. But, horror of horrors, that was the year they decided to stage it in mufti and my blue moment was not to be. Such was my disappointment, if someone asked me to play Mary now, I suspect I could be convinced, IF they offered up a Madonna blue outfit. Madonna blue is an interesting one. I know from being hauled around various Italian churches as a child that it can be a royal blue, azure, navy or even electric blue, depending on the painter. In my mind’s eye it’s a soft but self-assured cornflower blue, like Raphael’s Aldobrandini Madonna. Beautiful. Anyway, as you were. Oh, and if you’re casting for Mary, you know where I am…

Martha, The Colour File x 

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