29th June ’17: Coming up roses

Happy Thursday, Colour Filers 🌹🌹🌹
A 2017 survey found that roses are the UK’s favourite flowers. I’m more of a ranunculus girl myself but as those aren’t even in the top 30 (lilies came second), I’d never say no to a rose or two (I love this paper one, bottom right, made for my friend, Lexy, by her daughter). Roses make me think of my childhood piano teacher whose garden path was lined on either side with rich red Fragrant Cloud blooms. To this day, when I smell red roses I think of skulking up to Mrs Creighton’s front door and wondering how I was going to explain why I hadn’t practiced my sight-reading – again. Lately, I’ve taken to putting @t2tearosebuds in my tea (delicious even in a bog-standard cuppa – honest) and – as you’ll see from the bottom left pic – wearing them, too. Roses are definitely growing on me. How about you?
Martha, The Colour File x 

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