2nd July ’17: Pink for girls?…

Happy Sunday, folks 💗🖤💗🖤
Before my second-in-command started school, he loved pink. His favourite outfit for at least a year was a fireman’s outfit with pink wellies. A week into school he came home and said ‘There are three girls’ colours – pink, purple and lilac. The rest are boys’ colours.’ I’m pleased to say this peer pressure didn’t last and he was soon back to thinking pink is ok, but I’m still fascinated by how much of our perception of colour seem to be externally influenced (‘blue is for boys’ while ‘pink is for girls’). However, a Newcastle University study concluded that the reason may be more innate. Women, it says, like pink because berries that are ready to eat have a red-pink hue, so our attraction to pink may have its roots in our hunter-gatherer days. Interesting. Maybe that’s why I’ve loved hunting down this little quartet of pink and black beauties and would now rather like to gather them…💗🖤💗🤔 Anyway, I’m off hunter-gathering at a boot sale so I’ll catch you later.
Martha, The Colour File x 

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