Marrs green: the world’s favourite colour

Recently I blogged about my love of colours that seem to defy categorisation.

Well, I’m pleased to say that other people appreciate these winsome colour chameleons, too. A six-month global survey of 30,000 people recently revealed the world’s favourite colour as ‘Marrs green’ (named after Annie Marrs @anniemarrs who put it forward in a @gfsmithpapers & @hullcityofculture2017 competition).

It’s a vibrant bluey-green – or is that a greeny-blue? Or maybe it’s teal?…That, apparently, depends on how you see it.

Anyway, while you mull that one over, here’s a shelfscape (complete with gorgeous @minimoderns teal candle and @vvrouleaux waxed cord that has replaced my trainer laces) to help you make up your mind.

Try not to fall out with each other while you decide: I know that colours aren’t a matter of life or death but way more important than that. 

Martha, The Colour File x

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