6th July ’17: Pretty Thames rubbish

Happy Thursday, friends.

Have you ever wondered what you might have been had you been born long ago? How would you have earned a crust? Bearing in mind my Welsh heritage (and my milkmaid’s hands) I suspect I’d have been out on a hillside rounding up lambs or making my own butter. But my love of finding bits of plastic rubbish has had me wondering if ‘mudlark’ might not have been a more fitting occupation. Yesterday, as I walked along Chiswick Mall, which hugs the Thames near Colour File HQ, I noticed flotsam and jetsam from a high tide (see second pic, below). And, waddyaknow, there amongst the assorted sticks and twigs was a rainbow of plastic debris, winking at me in the sun. Normally my plastic discoveries are on beaches, so this was a thrilling treat – an urban, freshwater version of the usual spectral booty. The colours were different, too – I struggle to find purple by the sea (blue plastic rules by the coast) but today, indigo, violet and pink made a star appearance. Pure joy. Have a tip-top day. See you soon.

Martha, The Colour File x

Flotsam and jetsam on Chiswick Mall

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