19th July ’17: Hello from me

Hi lovely people.

Unaccustomed as I am to putting my mugshot on Insta (I ALWAYS do it reluctantly because, quite frankly, there are WAAAAY nicer things to look at, not least my colourful flotsam and jetsam), I had such a great day colour-hunting today (and pattern-hunting, as it transpires) that I thought I’d clock in and show you this bag. Yes, focus on the @camsatchelco bag which had me in Art Deco-inspired paroxysms of delight. Art Deco is my most favourite thing – sorbet colours, bleached Miami buildings, clean lines, clever symmetry. Totally, utterly, UTTERLY delectable. Next week when the Colour File goes on tour (i.e me a-colour-huntin’ wherever the wind takes me), I’m hoping to bring you some Art Deco gorgeousness, thanks to the coastal gems my Instafriends (you know who you are) have recommended. Oh, and a few unexpected stops along the way. Have a great night and I’ll see you on the other side.
Martha,The Colour File x

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