29th July ’17: Treasures in the trash

Hi from Saturday, folks 🌸👛👚💕

I came across the word ‘urbexing’ for the first time yesterday. It’s what ‘urban explorers’ do: they go into abandoned buildings, like factories and hospitals, and take artistic pictures of the dereliction and decay. Their photography is proof that they see what many others don’t: beauty in forsaken things. I love nature for my montages and shelfscapes (whether it’s a colour-perfect rock, shell or flower) but what excites me most of all is finding manmade beauty where I least expect it, like urban places. I adore this bin and graffiti for their soft, innocent pink on functional metal and hard brick. A stark urban setting somehow makes a colourful find that much more magical, I feel. So easy to walk past but so worth stopping for. Do you have any memorable urban colour discoveries? No? Keep an eye out for some, if you can, and report back. Catch you later.

Martha, The Colour File x

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