31st July ’17: Rama blue

Welcome to a new week, folks 💎🌐💎

As the book says, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. However, allow me to enlighten you on some key relationship nuggets to help you on your way: men love cars, wires and watches, women love handbags, cushions and candles. Accept these things and you can’t go far wrong. You’re welcome. In truth, men are partial to candles, too. In a £90m a year industry that sees a quarter of UK households now buying scented candles, the sale of ‘mandles’ (man-friendly candles, like sandalwood) is now adding to this (can us girls have NOTHING? Cushions? OK). Actually, this universal candle adoration is, I think, marvellous news, and I’m glad that so many celebrations involve them. Birthdays, Hanukkah, Advent, Diwali – pass me the matches, I’m there. During Diwali, one of my favourite Hindu gods, Rama, is the star of the show. When I was in India, I bought countless notebooks with him on (see below, slightly faded, I’m afraid), fascinated by his pale milky blue skin. Now when I see this colour elsewhere (I spotted lots in Suffolk last week plus these tiles in a motorway underpass yesterday) I think of him. Anyway, as you were. Oh, and if you need more relationship advice, you know where not to come…

Martha, The Colour File x 


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