2nd August ’17: Ultramarine tales

Happy Humpday, dear friends.

When I was 13, after a childhood with three TV channels, Channel 4 came along. My main memories are the now iconic multicoloured C4 logo and – more memorably – a bright blue colour that would flood the screen before each programme began. It was such an intense ultramarine that it felt like it was burning my eyes and I’d always have to look away, like a Gremlin blasted with sunlight. Anyone else recall this? Fortunately, not all my ultramarine tales involve scarring my retinas with intense blue light. It also makes me think of the Satin bowerbird, which collects blue plastic to line its nest to attract the opposite sex (note: it hasn’t yet worked for me), and being bowled over by the blue houses of Jodhpur in Rajasthan (seen below, pic by @backpacker_tony). Explanations for these range from a way of identifying the homes of high-caste Brahmins (who are big fans of blue-skinned Lord Shiva) to the use of copper sulphate to keep away termites. Have a great day, folks. I’m off to find more plastic for my nest.

Martha, The Colour File x

© @backpacker_tony

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