3rd August ’17: Potent yellow

Hello from Thursday, folks.

I know how much you love yellow so I thought I’d bring you some more. It has been said that bright yellow rooms make babies cry, couples argue and opera singers tantrum (it’s the first colour the eye sees so it can certainly heighten alertness). But yellow only has positive connotations for me. When I was around four, my Mamgu (Welsh grandmother) would occasionally go to her 1950s drinks cabinet in the front parlour, open it up and pour herself a small sweet sherry from a crystal decanter. I loved that mirror-lined cabinet (like bottom right), filled with ruby red goblets, gilt-edged wine glasses and tiny 1950s green and orange sherry tumblers, and smelling of whisky and celebration. On one occasion, I persuaded her to give me a sip of sherry and I bounced on and off the sofas for what seemed like hours (is it wrong to say that when I taste sherry, I still think of my early childhood?…).

Have a tip-top day.

Martha, The Colour File x

One thought on “3rd August ’17: Potent yellow

  1. vmikkol@LinkedIn. com says:

    I adore bright colours ..yellow was ‘my’ colour as a colour-coded kid. My mom’s way in keeping my brother and sister and me from fighting over stuff..I was yellow, my sister red, my brother blue. All our blankets, towels, cups, whatevet- we knew at a glance which was ‘ours’! Mom’s are smart!

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