7th August ’17: Who was a Brownie?

Hello to a new week, folks ❤️🦁🐥🌿👗🎽👾☂️

One of the many things I love about car boot sales is spotting multicoloured piles of pretty vintage #ladybird books. Yesterday’s ‘spot’ included a Brownie Guide book that pinged me back to the time I was in the 30th Fulham pack and made a shoe bag (I know – I’ve never used one either) out of an old yellow tablecloth to get my Thrift badge. And the pure hilarity of our garish floral 70s camp beds spontaneously folding up with us on them at bedtime on Brownie camp. As you can imagine, I wasn’t hugely impressed at having to wear brown (I should have known what was coming: the hint was in the name) but I bravely battled through this aesthetic challenge and had a great time. Do you have any Brownie (or Cub) tales? Any badge triumphs…or fails?…

Martha, The Colour File x

One thought on “7th August ’17: Who was a Brownie?

  1. vmikkol@LinkedIn. com says:

    Well we have that in common too- no brown for me ,or gray for that matter!
    I joined our local Brownie pack at the behest of my ‘bedtie’ at the time, J. Anne Cole. Her mom was a pack leader and a very nice lady who died all too young.
    Can’tt say I remember much except the motto’ Be Prepared’ which has helped me immensely in my life! Also, I guess the knot making has also travelled with me through my camping/ canoeing/ kayaking experiences.

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