10th August ’17: Dial-A-Disc triumph

Happy Thursday, instapeeps.

We recently got an Amazon Echo Dot at Colour File HQ. I’m sure she’s great once you get to know her, but I’m currently finding Alexa a tad uncooperative. Whatever I ask her to play, she thinks Pink Floyd is the answer. It’s not, Alexa. It never is. I swear trying to listen to music was never this hard as a kid. Vinyl, cassettes and car-sized Walkmans: easy as anything (ah, analogue, why did you have to leave?), as was Dial-A-Disc where you called 160 from your landline to listen to the latest hits (yes, really). Prior to our (now iconic) 746 phone (top left), we had a payphone (single parent household budgeting, Seventies-style). Once, my brother and I rang 160 and put in 2p, only to stay miraculously connected for what felt like hours, listening to the same crackly, mono songs over and over again. We were beside ourselves with joy at this unprecedented freebie and talked about it for years to come. Alexa, I fear you have a lot to live up to.
What are your first music listening memories?

Martha, The Colour File x

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