13th August ’17: Colourful acrostics

Happy Sunday, Colour Filers ❤️💥🐤🍀🦋👾☂️

When I was a newspaper reporter, a story did the rounds of a disgruntled sub-editor who played a cunning acrostic trick before he left to work elsewhere. He changed the first letter of each line of a story so that when you read it downwards, it spelled something rude (by then it was too late to sack him). I don’t recall if it really happened but it’s such a good story I’ve decided that doesn’t matter. The Victorians were fans of hidden missives, too, using gemstones in jewellery to embed acrostic messages, like diamond, emerald, amethyst and ruby (‘dear’). I can’t think of anything more romantic than wearing a secret message from an amour, spelled out in a rainbow of gemstones. I really WAS born in the wrong era…Have a great day, my colourful friends.
Martha, The Colour File x 

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