8th August ’17: Paint stories, please

Happy Tuesday, lovely people.

Do you love paint? I ADORE the stuff 💕(Need any tester pots? Come on down). And, as such, I love paint stories, too. My favourites mainly involve my DIY-voracious grandfather who painted pretty much anything with not a care (or ounce of preparation) in the world. Mainly he mixed his own colours so that every drain pipe and windowsill he painted was the murky brown of the Thames after a storm. Then there was the time he painted my grandmother’s wardrobe and immediately shut the cupboard door, leaving all her clothes with a white stripe down one side. I also love the stories that painted objects have to tell for themselves, especially half-stripped doors that reveal decades – centuries, even – of colour choices, from the pedestrian to the wildly brave. The layers make me think of the rings of an ancient tree that has experienced every passing fad and fable. Do you have any paint stories? I’d love to hear them.

Martha, The Colour File x 

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