21st August ’17: Pelican blue

Happy Monday, folks 💙🐬🌊👕👖

When I was a kid, we had two goldfish named Maslow and Need (after Abraham Maslows’s ‘hierarchy of needs’). A bit later we acquired a vocal ginger cat and called him Briggs (after historian Asa Briggs). No danger of ‘Goldie’ or ‘Tiddles’ when the shelves in our front room were lined with row upon row of turquoise blue non-fiction Pelican books from my parents’ strident student days (these ones here were snapped at our late friend Professor Terry Hawkes’ house the other day – even MORE scope for naming pets than we had). I adore these vintage Pelican and Penguin books and spot them (as was intended by the publishers) a mile off: green for crime, cerise for travel and adventure, red for drama, dark blue for biography, yellow for miscellaneous. Together on a shelf they offer so much food for thought (and, of course, succour for the eyes). What’s the quirkiest pet name you’ve ever come across? Catch you later.
Martha, The Colour File x

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