1st September '17: Shelf love

Happy Friday, folks (yup, it really is Friday – I double-checked 😁).
I’ve been thinking about where my love of shelfscapes comes from. On July 4th, I talked about my childhood ‘treasure cupboard’ filled with rocks, shells and 70s flamenco dolls
. Then I remembered something else – my grandparents’ hefty oak Welsh dresser. It was in the hall of their house in Fulham (nextdoor to ours), hauled up from the family farm in Cardiganshire as a solid and enduring slice of home. Each morning as I skipped into their house, I’d glance up at the blue and white willow-pattern china and imagine what it might be like to shrink in size and walk over tiny blue bridges and past towering pagodas like the figures on the plates. Maybe that’s where my love of china came from, too. Add them together and it was probably a done deal that I’d eventually have shelves laden with cups, shells and other oddnesses gathered along the way (like my vintage knitting needles in today’s pic of a cabinet I rescued from the street: I can’t knit to save my life but aren’t they pretty?). What do you remember about a piece of furniture from your childhood?
Martha, The Colour File x

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