23rd August '17: What flotsam has to say

Happy Humpday, my loyal friends ❤️🦁⭐️💚🌊👖👾💜
Before I started The Colour File, I was an avid (and slightly apologetic) collector of beach plastic. Now, I make no apologies: squirrelling marine litter gives me intense aesthetic joy, what can I say? Each time I pick up a piece of plastic debris, my mind churns over the story it holds. Yesterday’s Bantham haul, pictured here, contains nuggets of well-loved surfboards that, I imagine, speak of teenage daring and camaraderie, chunks of dog balls abandoned when the scent was lost on the foam, and snippets of pretty kitesurfing twine that didn’t quite make the final cut. I love it. If I listen hard I can hear the hubbub of competing colours, shouting loud with their own momentous tales – ‘Yes, but did you hear how I ended up in the sea?!? You’ll NEVER believe it.’ Pure joy.
Martha, The Colour File x

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