24th August '17: Six Colour File months

Hello from Thursday ❤️💥💛💚🐬👕👾💜
I’m celebrating today because it was exactly six months ago that I started The Colour File. I’ve been wondering what image to give you as an anniversary offering and I’ve come to the conclusion that it should be a little bit of the kinds of (often strange) things that have driven me to do The Colour File each day. So here you have it: vintage books, a quirky yet colourful couple from a 50p charity shop box (Did he lop her head off? Answers on a postcard), shells and plastic from my happy beach-combing sojourns and a little slice of places that matter to me (a Buddha from India and a teacup from Wales). Oh, and metre upon metre of ribbon and braid (yearning to be made useful in a project or two) and cotton reels with evocative names (latest addition = a green called ‘Dark Lovebird’. Love it). What have you enjoyed the most and I’ll try to bring you more of it? I want to say thanks for your support and enthusiasm for The Colour File. It means so much. Please keep up your interaction and story-sharing with me as I begin my next six months. Love ya!
Martha, The Colour File x

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