28th August '17: Turquoise – or is it?

Hello from the tent again ⛺️⛺️⛺️
Since our visit to Wales, I’ve been pondering about blue and green, and often landing on turquoise. I know people who call it turquoise green and others who call it turquoise blue, and by the sound of it they could both be right.
Turquoise is, apparently, 70 per cent blue and 30 per cent green, reflecting the fact that the colours are part of a continuum in the colour spectrum (and, therefore, can sometimes be hard to distinguish from each other). Each time I’ve posted anything between blue and green, whether it’s been Robin egg blue, duck egg blue, Tiffany blue or cyan, my friend Tamworth, who lives in Arizona where the mineral turquoise is abundantly mined, says ‘We call that turquoise.’ Its become a kind of standing (colour geek) joke between us. Apparently, the colour was originally named after the gem and not the other way round, so the fact that the mined mineral comes in so many colour and shade variations, means the definition is broad. Visually I appreciate that but I don’t think it’ll stop me mining for specific and evocative names to categorise this colour (and many others) further. Do you have a colour that friends see slightly differently to you?
Martha, The Colour File x

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