29th August '17: Your vote, please!

Hello on a stunning, sunny Bank Holiday Monday ☀️☀️☀️
My second-in-command and I are chilling at Colour File HQ after the fantabulous wedding of Matt & Isy Hunt – a weekend of joy, hilarity, THE most divine profusion of flowers and being roundly thrashed at SwingBall.
I hope you don’t mind the gentle nudge but I just wanted to remind you (plead with you?) to vote for me in the @amaraibas Amara Interior Awards for which I’ve been nominated in the Best Colour Inspiration category. If I get into the top 5 nominated blogs I get shortlisted and I would sooooooo love for this to happen. And if you could tell your friends about it, too, I’d be eternally grateful. The link is in my biog and it takes you straight through to my voting page. Anyway, as you were. Back to your G&T. Oh, and thank you 😘.
Martha, The Colour File x

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