4th September '17: Pastels & poetry

Welcome to a new week.
I recently read a couple of news stories about people who bought objects from a car boot sale, only to discover their humble finds were, in fact, serious treasure (a £10 ring that went for £350k, for example. Was it you?…).
Car-booters (who apparently spend £1.5bn at UK boot sales annually) live in hope of such good fortune, for sure, but my own favourite finds haven’t necessarily been of conventional, monetary value. Rather, whether it’s their colour, form or texture (or all three), it’s generally quirky objects with their own intrinsic and unique worth that catch my eye. Yesterday, I was drawn to a box of pretty pastel-coloured scrolls (top left) with the words ‘Poems for sale’ written on it. Turns out that London poet Sasha Vitorovich was selling them, lucky dip-style, for £1 each so I bought two to unfurl and read. One was about London and the other a short and sweet poem someone sneezing in the British Library. A small sum for what was certainly my most original find of the day. What’s been your most interesting boot sale find? Send me a pic!
Martha, The Colour File x

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