5th September '17: Silver sensations

Welcome to Tuesday.
I’m intrigued by what colours mean to different people. Countless studies tell us how colour impacts behaviour in relation to marketing (red makes us eat fast food – and lots of it), but when it comes to how it makes us FEEL, it turns out it isn’t so easily defined: one person’s hopeless blue, for example, can inspire another to move mountains. When it comes to colour psychology, a single colour can represent so many things: love and loathing, hopes and fears, even fulfilment and new beginnings. I thought about this when I snapped silver recently. Silver makes me feel, amongst other things, giddily nostalgic when I think of beautiful silver jewellery worn by women I saw in India, reflective when I recall cleaning the family silver each Saturday morning (I’d rather have watched Multicoloured Swap Shop) and retrospectively anxious about flute lessons with an angry teacher on a nickel flute I was allergic to.
What colour gives you the greatest range of experiences?
Martha, The Colour File x

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