7th September '17: Favourite colour?

Hi folks ❤️🍊⭐️🍏🐟👾☂️
On 4 July I composed a shelfie based on how much people love Marrs green (is it blue, is it green? Or maybe teal? I adore a good colour wrangle). Previous research has shown that blue is the world’s favourite colour while the next most popular colour varies from one country to the next. The UK’s second favourite is red while it’s green in the US and purple in Hong Kong (purple and red tie for second place in Australia). And blowing all gender perceptions out of the window, the 2015 YouGov survey found that women still pick blue over any other colour – even pink (which was no more popular than red, purple or green). What are your favourites: first, second and third?
A gentle reminder, lovely people (and in case you haven’t already done so), there are just nine days left to vote for me in the @amarainterior blogging awards for Best Colour Inspiration blog. If you’re at all inspired by my blog, I’d LOVE you to vote for me (the top five in this category will make the shortlist and judging will be by the inimitable @farrowandball ⭐️). Link is here and it’s a super-easy process. Thanks so much, in advance.
Martha, The Colour File x

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