9th September '17: Be 'colour honest'

Welcome to the weekend, folks.
Over the years I’ve tried to make myself like certain colours. From wearing grey jumpers to buying taupe throws, I have, at times, tried my very hardest to toe the line in order to fit in. But ultimately it hasn’t make me happy. Now, the thought of trying to ‘sensible-ise’ my colour choices all but brings me out in hives. In my 30 July blog, I wrote that recent research shows that almost one-third of U.K adults now owns a colouring book. A 2017 US study also suggests that being given a choice of colours to use when colouring in (rather than being told what colours to use) helps to reduce anxiety and increase levels of perseverance. In other words, being able to express ourselves through our colour choices helps to make us happier people. Personally, I think that ‘colour honesty’ is as fundamental a part of who we are as food, friendship and anything else we choose to enrich our lives with. Colour matters – a lot. Have a great day and I’ll see you on the other side.
Martha, The Colour File x

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