11th September '17: Shelfie inspo

Hi colour-lovers 🦋🌼🐠
Someone recently asked me where I get the inspiration for my shelfscapes from. The answer is ‘Anywhere and everywhere.’ Sometimes it’s an event that prompts it (I composed a green one for St Patrick’s Day), sometimes it’s flowers or a new junk shop treasure that lead the way, but often it’s because I see colours together in unexpected circumstances and want to replicate the feel in some way. Today’s shelfie came to me after I went to see a friend in hospital and saw some striking blue and yellow markings in the car park (get well sooon!), as per below. As well as my colourful Penguin Classics and china, I’ve incorporated waxed and velvet ribbon plus a mimosa yellow corsage from VVRouleaux (you’ve never been there? You haven’t LIVED!) to soften the straight edges. Tell me – what colour shelfscape would YOU like to see? It could be clusters of colours as well as single ones. Also, are there any other colour backgrounds you’d like me to work with? Follow my IG or blog (if you don’t already 🙂) and send me a picture that truly inspires me to create a shelfie and I’ll send you some Colour File cards as a prize (see below). Go on…I love a design challenge…
Martha, The Colour File x

© Martha Roberts

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