13th September '17: Blue memories

Hi from Wednesday ☁️💙🌼💙☁️
I recently read an interesting study about blue plates. UK researchers found that giving dementia patients their food on blue plates encourages them to eat more because their food stands out better against them (patients in the study ate up to one-third more than when using white plates). I have a thing for blue china myself. It makes me think of eating boiled eggs from blue egg cups while watching Dr Who (this is my brother’s eggcup) then bashing the life out of the empty eggshells after hearing an old wives’ tale about witches sailing off in them to sink ships. Then there were the many hours spent after school drinking tea poured from a Spode teapot at the house of my lovely (but now sadly departed) friend Jane – really happy times. When I find nuggets of broken blue and white pottery like these, I imagine what grand plate or humble pot they might have come from but most of all I think of those ordinary, special times with Jane 💙💙Have a good day, folks.
Martha, The Colour File x

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