17th September '17: I ❤️ collectors

Happy Sunday, lovely people.
I’ve always been fascinated by collectors: without enthusiasts, the world would be a less colourful and quirky place. One-third of UK adults engage in some form of collecting and, it transpires, we are often inspired by the random or the unexpected. Auctioneers Mallams say that 1960s-themed programmes such as Mad Men have rekindled our love of vintage toasters, kettles and ovens (out with the new, in with the old). I once wrote about collecting for @psychologiesmagazine where I learned that we are innately programmed to collect as a survival instinct – collecting firewood or berries makes total sense, naturally. Modern collecting is less about survival and more about the pure love of the thing. I may not be a hunter-gatherer of wooden hangers or thimbles – like these ones at a car boot sale – but I love how sameness and connectedness of objects makes me feel. What do you collect and why?
Martha, The Colour File x

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