18th September '17: Curves v lines

Welcome to a new week.
I’m off to ogle at all things interior at @decorex_international today so ‘form’ is very much on my mind. Although I told you on 7th May that my second-in-command isn’t keen on circles or curves (these bath bombs wouldn’t make it past the Colour File HQ threshold), most people people prefer them to hard edges. Research in 2010 found that people prefer soft-edged objects and simply looking at them leads to increases activity in the brain (one study found that when diners were given their drinks in glasses with hard lines and edges, it increased tension around the dinner table). It’s been suggested that smooth, rounded shapes may be linked to survival behaviours such as eating and mating whereas jagged forms such as rocks tend to be inorganic and therefore don’t elicit such an extreme response. Do you have a shape that really bothers you? Or, conversely, is there one that you can’t get enough of? Catch you later.
Martha, The Colour File x

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