19 September '17: Dress that tree!

Hello Colour Filers.
Do you have a favourite nook or cranny in your home? Mine is our upcycled corner cabinet with a vase of twisted willow on top. The branches stay decorated all year round; generally pastels for spring and richer colours in the winter. Although I’m not conventionally superstitious, a little voice nags me to de-tinsel the house each January 5, mainly to safeguard against such irritations as breaking a molar on a mini egg (yes, it can happen) or dropping my phone down the loo (too horrifying to even contemplate). But although we adios the fir tree, I can never bear to strip this little beauty back. I recently read that Germans not only have Christmas trees but Easter trees, May Day trees, Whitsun trees and even summer solstice trees. By my reckoning, that means pretty much every part of the year offers up some officially-sanctioned tree decorating opportunity or other. This, colour fans, is most excellent news. From now on I’m going to be following the German tradition of pimping up these branches no matter what month it is. I’ve used @vvrouleaux velvet ribbon to hang the baubles (plus a handful of their butterflies) for a look that I’ve decided is too good to wait until December. Go forth and decorate your trees…just watch your phones…😁
Martha, The Colour File x

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