24th September '17: Sorry, Mr Gilchrist

Happy Sunday, Colour Filers ❤️🍊🌼🍀🦋👾 😈
Yesterday I read that marking has been cited by nearly 80 per cent of teachers as the main cause of excessive workload. Apparently it’s ‘rainbow marking’ that’s tipping them over the edge – having to use different coloured pens to convey different messages (including purple for kids to critique their own work, ‘green for growth’ and ‘pink for progress’). It made me think back to primary school when my friend Anita and I suddenly got it into our heads to not only write in a different colour each week but to change our handwriting, too. I remember our teacher particularly despairing over our ‘digital robot cuboid writing’ phase, not to mention slanting it to the left then – oh, and here we go again – slanting it to the right. But boy, did we have fun. Whenever I see a batch of coloured pens, like these in Paperchase @frompaperchase , I think of how two 10-year-olds inadvertently pushed a primary school teacher to the edge of despair. Sorry, Mr Gilchrist.
Martha, The Colour File x

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