25th September '17: Red, white & blue

Welcome to a new week ❤️💭💙
When I was eight, Britain was in a state of feverish euphoria for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. In Fulham where I grew up, there was one street, Kingwood Road, where they were so excited that as well as organising a street party to end all street parties, they painted the kerb stones red, white and blue (I think this second pic of a West London street from the @dailymail may be Kingwood in 1977). I secretly wished it was my street and I’d make my mum drive there on the way back from my nearby gymnastics club so I could admire it. When I see red, white and blue, like in today’s shelfie, I still think of Kingwood Road and how lucky the residents were. Maybe I could paint our kerbstones retrospectively…just need to convince the council it’s a good idea…Have a tip-top day.
Martha, The Colour File x

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