5th October '17: Beware of stripes!

Happy Thursday, my colourful chums.
Had a headache recently? Tell me, were you wearing stripes at the time, or maybe hanging out somewhere with vertically-striped wallpaper or curtains? Or staring at a radiator (even one as pretty as this)? I thought as much.
A few days ago, I wrote about the slimming yet pooch-petrifying nature of wearing stripes. But scientists have also discovered that simply looking at stripes – whether static or moving – can bring on migraines. Merely clapping eyes on stripes may be enough to trigger a neural activity loop in the brain that brings on severe headaches, epilepsy or simply a vague feeling of unease. And it’s not just clothes that can do it but decking, escalators, repetitive brickwork – even striped deckchairs or shop awnings. As for zebras: utterly hazardous. Fascinating. Maybe look at some soothing circles or birds in flight today instead. Anyway, have a fantabulous day.
Martha, The Colour File x

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