10th October '17: 'Be gone, Blue!' said Pink

Welcome to Tuesday, folks 💕💙💕💙💕
Each day on The Colour File, I wax lyrical about something and nothing to do with colour. My hope is that the pictures bring a splash of colour to your day accompanied by a random (but hopefully interesting) fact or two on the subject. On rare occasions, I even get a little bit serious – like today, which isn’t just Tuesday but World Mental Health Day, too. Mental health is a subject extremely close to my heart and one that I feel needs to be talked about, then talked about again. Today’s shelfie colours represent two things to me – blue for it’s obvious connotations with depression/’feeling blue’ but also bright pink which, in dark times, has always seemed to give me hope. Cerise has often been the counterpoint to blue, saying out loud even when I couldn’t really hear it, ‘Someday soon it will be ok. Trust me.’ Pink was right. With some expert input from a few good people, I’ve written a blog containing some tips on what you can do to look after yourself and keep mentally healthy – you can find the link in my biog. I hope today treats you well.
Martha, The Colour File x

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