15th October '17: Air Force Blue tales

Happy Sunday, Colour Filers.

The more I look into colour, the more I’m fascinated by the deliberateness behind so many colour decisions (marketing to make us part with our cash is the first that springs to mind). But I love even more colour decisions that seemingly happen by chance or on a whim. I recently read about how Air Force Blue, a light smoky blue, came about. Members of the British Royal Air Force were issued with this colour uniform in 1920, not so much because someone thought ‘I’m thinking flying, I’m thinking sky, I’m thinking BLUE!’ but because in those post-war times there was a surplus of inexpensive medium sky blue herringbone twill fabric in the UK. It was meant to be used for the uniforms of Czarist Russian imperial cavalrymen before the Russian Revolution but now it was being repurposed to rig out the RAF. The wonders of colour randomness. Love it. Have a great Sunday, folks.

Martha, The Colour File x

©Martha Roberts

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