22nd October '17: Playing with colour

Hi folks, I hope you’re having a chilled Sunday. Last night, reflecting the kind of rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle I lead, I spent the evening playing with paint. I’m fascinated by (read ‘obsessed with’) how different coloured backgrounds can put the same objects into a different mood. Here are some of the objects at Colour File HQ sitting in front of Little Greene’s School House Blue, Sanderson’s Inkwood and Graham & Brown’s Penelope Pink (which I told you about last week). Since starting The Colour File, one thing I’ve learned is that people love colour but many are a scared of making the ‘wrong’ decision. I painted these colours onto lining paper then blu tacked them to the wall behind a shelf – a different look without the commitment. It’s a great way of seeing how a colour works with your things – or, indeed, if you like it as much as the colour card suggested you would. I adore all these colours but I’ve unexpectedly fallen in love with the blue. It may yet have a permanent role to play at Colour File HQ. Catch you later.

Martha, The Colour File x 

Little Greene School House Blue ©Martha Roberts
Sanderson’s Inkwood ©Martha Roberts
Graham & Brown’s Penelope Pink ©Martha Roberts

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