23rd October '17: Loo blue…

The other day, I spotted this turquoise ‘Ladies’ sign in a local shop (swipe for pic). It got me thinking of the time as a kid that I inadvertently locked myself in a loo on the Island of Sark and my Aunty Hilary athletically leapt over the top of the cubicle to release me. Yesterday I was reading a survey about toilets (as you do) and wasn’t altogether surprised to read that 80 per cent of young people (16 to 24-year-olds) use a smartphone on the loo, one-third update their Facebook status there while 40 per cent of them take the opportunity to listen to Spotify. I’m sure that had I been born in a different era, instead of stressing about my incarceration, I may well have used that toilet time to Snapchat the bold rescue story to my friends or to squeeze a few Candy Crush sessions in while they decided whether or not to break the door down (assuming that, in the interim, I didn’t also become the one in four of us who’ve also dropped our phones down the pan. Whoopsie). Welcome to my world of random facts 🌍. Have an uneventful day.

Martha, The Colour File x 

©Martha Roberts
©Martha Roberts

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