28th October '17: The story of Royal Blue

Happy Saturday, folks. Time for another story of blue – Royal Blue. Apparently, we’ve had it since the 17th century when King George III challenged factories across the country to produce a blue deemed suitable for Royalty. It was a factory called Scutts Bridge in Rode, Somerset, that came up with the colour that George himself declared the winner. From that point onwards the rich blue was known as ‘The Royal Blue’ and was given a very public airing when it was chosen as the colour for robes for Queen Charlotte and King William IV. I wonder what other colours were on his shortlist? I’d love to know. Royal Yellow? Royal Red? Doesn’t quite sound the same to me but I guess we’d have got used to it. Maybe it’s time for another Royal colour competition – waddyasay, Wills and Kate?What colour do you reckon it would be?

Martha, The Colour File x

©Martha Roberts

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