Monthly Archives: November 2017

20 November '17: Londoners love colour

There are many reasons I love being a Londoner: the ever-changing skyline, the constant Thames, the delicious Tube map (tired of the London Tube map? You’re tired of life!) I love Londoners, too, especially since reading that their favourite @farrowandball paint colour is stylish and ‘out there’ #InchyraBlue, a dark blue-grey. The rest of the country prefers pretty […]

19 November '17: Stripes and scoundrels

Stripes rock. They’re so unambiguous and directional – “Follow me! I know EXACTLY where I’m going!” But stripes haven’t always had positive connotations. In Medieval times, black and white stripes (like those in this marble chopping board from @habitatuk, bottom right) were worn by the likes of prisoners, criminals, prostitutes and hangmen by way of showing […]

18 November 17: Too much animal print?

Fashion designer Jenna Lyons once described leopard print as a neutral. I’m inclined to agree, but then I do also think of silver, gold and even cerise as universal colours that pretty much go with anything and everything. Not everyone thinks this: a 2015 eBay survey of fashion no-nos revealed that a quarter of women […]

15 November '17: The history of baubles

Yesterday, I spent several happy hours looking at Christmas decorations (lots in @frompaperchase and @heals_furniture, and this cute sputnik-esque one in @habitatuk, top right). Apparently we have Frank Woolworth to thank for baubles. In 1880, he reluctantly agreed to buy a box of 144 cheap decorations for his store, only to find they sold out in a matter of […]

Encyclopedia of Rainbows author Julie Seabrook Ream: My Colourful World

American artist Julie Seabrook Ream is mad about colour. Unable to pick a favourite, she set about showing the world that there is multicoloured beauty in everyday objects, from breakfast cereal and cheese through to butterflies and books. Here, Julie, who lives in Ohio in the States and is the creator of the mind-blowingly stunning […]