1st November '17: In praise of tsundoku

Good morning, Colour Filers. The other day I was introduced to the Japanese word ‘tsundoku’. It’s one of those beautiful nuggets of a word that means so much more than it’s eight simple letters. Tsundoku is the act of acquiring reading materials then piling them up without reading them. A 2014 survey revealed that this is endemic – one in five books we own remains unread. I am guilty of this, mainly because the world keeps producing fabulous books that I have every hope of reading some time but no-one has yet invented a device to create more hours in the day out of thin air. Are you guilty of tsundoku? And have you ever bought a book simply for its cover? (or, like 16 percent of people, to look more intelligent?) Come on, spill the beans…
Martha, The Colour File x

© Martha Roberts

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