5 November 17: Khaki love or hate?

I don’t know about you but I have a love/hate relationship with green, depending on the shade.

Khaki is an interesting one. New research by Furniture Choice found that ‘dark khaki’ is the nation’s least favourite colour out of 88 colours (second most hated is chartreuse whilst the favourite is – surprise, surprise – turquoise).

I think that khaki on its own can be a bit of a mood-stealer but I also think it pairs beautifully with other brighter colours from cerise and neon pink through to baby pink and lilac. I see it almost as a neutral, a bit like denim. In a bid to convince you of khaki’s ability to complement other cheerier colours,

I’ve put it in this shelfie with Farrow & Ball’s Brassica and I personally think they make a calm and sophisticated pairing (I’ve popped some chartreuse in, too, for good measure).

How do you feel about khaki?

Martha, The Colour File x

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